Ventura County Business Interviews

August 13th, 2014

So, my first behind-the-scenes look at a Ventura business was with Yesenia Lopez, a bail agent with Ventura Bail Bonds. I got the true lowdown on how bail works.
Let's say the Ventura Police Department arrests you for a DUI. First, you need to be processed. This typically includes getting fingerprinted, having your picture taken(mugshot), and having other personal information taken. Many of the people who have been arrested contact a local bail bonds agency, like the one Yesenia runs. Because her office is on Ralston St, she's only about 5 minutes from the main Ventura County Jail.
Once she has bailed you out, you'll need to check in with Yesenia on a regular basis to ensure you don't miss any court dates.
Thanks to Yesenia for sharing her insights into the bail bonds and criminal justice system in Ventura County, California.
Here's Yesenia's Google+ Page.

Are Ventura County Wedding Venues Profitable??

So, I recently met Cindy McDonald when we were both shopping at the new Walmart on Victoria Ave. Cindy has an interesting job: she runs a local blog that is part directory of wedding venues in Ventura County, and part tips, DIY wedding ideas, and her own unique perspective that comes from constantly interacting with wedding vendors throughout the County. My main question was, "How do you make money from running a local blog??" As Cindy explained: "I don't charge any vendors for being listed in my directory; I make a small commission when people click on an advertisement and order something." She mixes that with routine articles that focus on assisting soon-to-be brides on navigating the sometimes nightmarish route to the altar. She's very active on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. She doesn't have to spend money on office space, so Cindy keeps her overhead low.